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1 March 2016
Today is my 30th birthday.

I am pretty glad actually. 30, has always been a sort of goal since I was 13yo. I am at peace with my life at the moment, I feel i am doing the right thing launching my brand exactly the way I want it to be. Other that reflecting of what my life has been so far - don't worry I won't write a book about it. What I will do, however, is give a few advice I wish I knew in my twenties:

  • Be patient: If you want to achieve anything in life just know it will take time. A lot of time. A lot. Of. Time. But if you are patient  and dedicated it will eventually work out.
  • Work hard: I might be logical but working hard is the only way of reaching any type of goals. Despite what others might display on social media, pushing yourself is vital to achieve anything. Do it, now!
  • Be curious: Read, learn a lot of different skills. It is the best way to know what you are good at and what you need to be helped with.
  • Be kind: It might sounds totally stupid but it is important to treat everybody with regards and kindness, at first. Now, if somebody is an assholes, be cold and distant. Don't waste your time trying to please everybody.
  • Take care of yourself: Be kind with yourself, preserve yourself from harm and mental unease or illness. Meditate, be active, do whatever makes you happy. You are a body, nothing else.

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