Master Class


Have you ever dream of wearing clothes you have design and made yourself?

Bespoke pieces you cannot find anywhere else? A simple t-shirt, un made-to-measure pants or a evening gown you won’t find in any shop…

Sew your own clothes is not that complicated when well-guided. Once finished and worn, the satisfaction and pride will be as unique as the garment.

Graduate from la Cambre Mode(s) in fashion design and post-graduate from I.F.M. (Institut Français de la Mode, Paris) in fashion design, I give sewing, fashion design private lesson in my studio located in Brussels.

Knowledge is ment to be shared.

Individually or in small group, the lesson are tailored to suit your needs and levels.

You may choose to learn the basics needed to sew or develop a personal project.

I insist on creating a warm and professional work atmosphere

The lessons are held in my studio, where my tools and materials are available for you.

The lessons are given from Wednesday to Friday from 4pm to late, Weekend all day.

Please note that the price is 25€ / pers / hour.

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