Domesticity – Inside Rick Owens Palace

6 January 2016

Let's take an intimate look at the brutalist bunker/palace/studio of the lord of darkness and sophistication: Rick Owens. Domesticity at its finest. I have to admit that I have a mild-to-severe obsession for anything Rick Owens does. The furniture, the fur, the shows, the lifestyle, the opulence, the attitude.

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If this were the 70s, we’d be watching people doing that. And we’d be doing coke and I’d be an incredibly glamorous fashion designer. Instead this is… domesticity with dogs fucking. - Rick Owens

After reading this fantastic and quite hilarious interview of Rick Owens by Jo-Ann Furniss for Another Mag, let's just take a moment to appreciate the beauty and elegance of his parisian home/office.

Homosexual dogs fucking at any given time, a few black mice, a bengal cat, a black bird nesting and a few beehives on the rooftop. A modern bunker-farm in the middle of the 7th arrondissement in Paris.

Rick Owens is the embodiement of a 21st Century couturier, in its pure, decadent tradition à la Charles Frederick Worth, Paul Poiret or Jacques Doucet. He presides over a court of creative minds and performers, has a palatial home, lives with a charismatic muse (the bewitching Michelle Lamy) and has a vision who encompass a whole lifestyle, making everything around him a little more elevated while celebrating the eccentric, the polished imperfection, the rawness, the anti-conformism in a very contrive and bourgeois industry.

It is peculiar how Rick Owens managed to be so successful, with such a define and restrain aesthetic. There is something reassuring in his world. Seasons after seasons. Something odd and familiar at the same time. A longing to be kinder, to be nobler, to live better.

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